Bank of Ghana predicts stable cedi in 2nd half
Bank of Ghana Governor Henry Kofi Wampah has predicted the cedi and the economy will stabilise in the second half of the year, when proceeds from Cocobod’s 2014/15 dollar syndicated loan for cocoa purchases are received by the central bank.
  Aug-26:   Govt's overrun for first half of year hits GH₵4.8 billion
  Aug-12:   Gov’t rebuts foreign media reports on state of Ghana's economy
  Aug-03:   Going back to IMF will boost investor confidence - Terkper
  Jul-16:   Economy not in crisis; challenges exaggerated- Seth Terkper
  Jul-11:   Wampah demands Terkper action to ease economic hardships
  Jun-11:   Inflation rate for May hits 14.8 percent
  Jun-11:   Fitch predicts end-of-year revenue deficit
  Jun-03:   Terpker hints of third Eurobond issue in July despite IMF concerns
  May-31:   IMF staff report warns economic outlook for Ghana is still bleak
  May-13:   Ghana's dev't partners propose law to check rising fiscal deficit
  May-06:   Top CEOs confirm slump in new job prospects
  Apr-11:   World Bank boss suggests how Ghana can come out of economic doldrums
  Apr-08:   IMF predicts 5% growth rate for Ghana this year
  Apr-03:   Ghana's public debt now Gh˘56 billion
  Mar-31:   Gov't may turn to IMF for a bailout -- Terkper
  Mar-03:   Donors withold US$700million
  Feb-25:   President says economic turbulence is temporary
  Feb-18:   IMF team in Ghana to assess and gather data on the economy
  Feb-12:   Inflation rate hits 13.8 percent
  Feb-11:   Ghana’s economy is not in crisis; Prof. Quartey warns of wrong signals
  Feb-10:   Cabinet backs Bank of Ghana’s measures to address cedi’s free fall
  Feb-09:   Ghana’s economy will crash by June if…- Economist
  Feb-03:   Bank of Ghana holds early MPC meeting to address cedi’s fall
  Jan-30:   Bank of Ghana releases 20m dollars to halt cedi's free fall
  Jan-30:   Ghana's Cedi in a free fall
  Jan-24:   Ghana's economy likely to slow to 4-year low - CEPA
  Jan-16:   Govt misses out on end of year inflation target for 2013
  Jan-10:   Expedite action on release of Chinese loan — Mahama
  Nov-27:   FITCH predicts further increase in Ghana's public debt in 2014
  Nov-26:   IEA offers antidote to high deficit
  Nov-25:   Fitch criticizes Ghana’s 2014 Budget
  Nov-20:   Ghana gradually entering HIPC with $23.4 billion debt
  Nov-20:   Gov't to raise GH˘1.7bn from oil to support 2014 budget
  Nov-19:   2.5% VAT revenue goes into infrastructure, 2014 Budget confirms
  Nov-19:   Tax on condoms, outboard motors, removed
  Nov-19:   Ghana risks losing huge oil tax revenues
  Nov-19:   ‘2014 Budget to transform economy'
  Nov-15:   Aggressive measures needed to tackle overspending in 2014 budget
  Nov-14:   Pass Fiscal Responsibility Act now - Bawumia
  Nov-13:   Inflation hits 13.1%; highest in 3 years
  Nov-12:   Volatility to vanish next year — Economist
  Nov-05:   Cedi's continuous decline due to huge govt spending
  Nov-05:   2014 budget to link spending of various MDAs to results
  Nov-05:   Cedi ranked worst currency in Africa
  Nov-04:   "Single Spine, power rationing..." are responsible for Ghana's challenged economy- Terkper
  Oct-22:   Economists cast doubt over govt's ability to cut fiscal deficit
  Oct-18:   Government may spend beyond 2013 budget limits - Finance Minister
  Oct-17:   Fitch downgrades Ghana; From B+ to B
  Oct-10:   September inflation highest in 3 years, increases to 11.9
  Oct-07:   Ghana’s public debt is fourth highest in Africa – World Bank
  Oct-03:   Non-traditional exports to yield Ghana more than $3.3 billion
  Oct-01:   Another HIPC looming – economist warns
  Sep-20:   BoG report reveals Mahama's administration incurs GH˘ 8.8b debt in the last 9 months
  Sep-20:   Gov't plans to issue another Eurobond next year
  Sep-19:   CEPS cannot meet 2013 revenue target
  Sep-16:   Gov't moves to broaden tax base
  Sep-14:   Prices of petroleum products, transport fares go up
  Sep-12:   Inflation dropped by 0.02% in August - gov't statistician
  Aug-13:   Economist demands detail report on Ghana’s second Eurobond
  Aug-13:   Veep links Ghana’s economic growth to support from World Bank