Cedi ranked worst currency in Africa
Posted on: 2013-Nov-05        
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The Ghana Cedi has overtaken the South African Rand as the worst performing currency in Africa this year.

That’s according to Ecobank Research.

It has neared a 17 percent depreciation to the US Dollar on the forex market as against 16.2 percent depreciation by the South African Rand.

This comes despite the 1.5 billion dollar Cocobod Syndication and the long term debt raised by the Bank of Ghana.

Last week, the local currency lost more value to the American Dollar.

Analysts say it will remain under further pressure from large fiscal and current account deficits.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Cedi opened the week falling to the US Dollar on the interbank market.

It however rose to the other major foreign currencies on the interbank market.

It is trading between GH˘2.3 pesewas and GH˘2.4 pesewas to the US dollar on the interbank forex market.

It is going for GH˘2.74 pesewas and GH˘2.75 pesewas against the euro.

It is also trading between GH˘3.24 pesewas and GH˘3.25 pesewas to the British Pound on the foreign exchange market.