Our machines are breaking down - AGI cries out over erratic power
Posted on: 2011-May-19        Joy fm
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The president of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) says utility regulators must give priority to manufacturing industries during black outs.

Nana Owusu Afari says industries suffer machinery breakdown during power outages and lamented that the situation increases the cost of operation of the already over burdened industry.

“For us in industry it is causing a lot of problems and destruction of motors, destruction of processes online. Products that are being manufactured…as soon as power goes out you know, some of them cannot stand, and therefore they get spoilt” he said.

“We know the Electricity Company of Ghana, GRIDCo and other people who are in charge in delivering energy to industries have got some challenges but we think that as a national priority they should look at industry and then safeguard continuous delivery of power to industry because without that we will have challenges in this economy,” added.

Ghana’s main supply of electricity is the Akosombo hydroelectric plant with six 127-megawatt turbines.

Officials at the Electricity Company of Ghana, suppliers of electricity, have blamed the frequent outages to machine faults.